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Fall Team Dealer Show – 2024 Sports Inc. – Las Vegas

This week we attended the 2024 Sports Inc Fall Team Dealer show in Las Vegas. Our second year attending and we couldn't be happier with the feedback we received. Last year we brought in 29,000 shoulder pads thinking that it would be a two year run and we would have plenty for our 2024 season. Our stock football shoulder pads were highly regarded within the industry and as a result we sold 19,000 of those year 1! 

With 10,000 football shoulder pads currently in stock we are in a very good position for the start of the buying season plus there are more on the way. Not many of our competitors will have stock on hand already, most are waiting on theirs to come in. Our booking orders are shipping at once or as requested.

ST Series Shoulder Pad

Our ST Series football shoulder pad won the popularity contest for best stock shoulder pad on the market. The pro motion feature we put into this pad has made it widely popular with players. Coaches like the price point and safety features included, there is no other pad on the market that can give you what we did at this price point. A big buzz was created in anticipation of our new ST-7 shoulder pad that is coming this spring. Adding the 7 to the ST-10 and ST-65 was a no brainer for us. Dealers at the show were able to check out samples and get a feel for the new style. Orders have been placed and this pad will sell out fast, get yours in now!

SI Series Shoulder Pad

The SI Series football shoulder pad is a budget friendly option with many of the ST series features included. The SI comes in Skill, OL/DL and Youth styles. With 6,000 youth football shoulder pads in stock we are primed and ready for the buying season. This youth shoulder pad is in our opinion the best on the market. The safety features, swivel front assembly and comfortable mesh lining make it the best option for your pop warner level players. 


Pro Sports Pads Fall Team Dealer Show Booth